Buy A Luxury Property Get A Private Jet

Buy A Luxury Property Get A Private Jet

At ViroFLY we attain to the notion of Buy A Luxury Property Get A Private Jet for a special offering to the real estate industry. ViroFLY a private jet charter platform consolidates up to 10000 aircrafts among 2800 licensed operators helps luxury real estate companies ease their sales process. ViroFLY successfully incorporated the notion that investors seek more amenities from luxury real estate brokers.

Luxury Real Estate agents, brokers and developers alike are incorporating the notion of private jet memberships to lure new clients. ViroFLY plays an active role within this segment and will continue to expand its services to more sector specific players in the market.

As the luxury real estate market expands developers and investors continue to seek new ways of implementing state of the art amenities to win new investors in a highly competitive space. Introducing screening rooms, wine cellars, helipads or a luxury car are essential.

ViroFLY formed partnerships with luxury real estate professionals across the country. Introducing one of a kind memberships to help ease their sales process.

ViroFLY Membership Benefits

  • Empty Leg Monitor
  • Up to 1500 Global Empty Legs available at pre-determined dates and times
  • Negotiated rates on new charter quotes
  • Global Concierge Services
  • Membership tiers
  • Access to Exclusive Events
  • Access to Yacht Charters
  • Access to Medical and Cargo aircrafts on demand

Our Empty Leg monitor is one of our most prized features. Clients would be able to submit pre determined routes and dates in advance. When an empty leg route is triggered on the platform clients will receive an instant notification along with a quote. Bearing in mind the quotes may or may not include FET tax.

Are you a real estate developer, agent and or broker? Please get in touch with a dedicated Viro specialist to seek more information. Learn how we can help you with your next luxury real estate project.

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