Empty Leg Monitor

Empty Leg Flight Benefits

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Reduces the price of your private jet charter by up to 75%.

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Maximises efficiency by minimising waste of time and fuel.
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Our innovative empty leg monitor optimises existing empty legs by diverting the aircraft to your destination. Whilst being en route to the final location the aircraft was flying to. This maximises efficiency while allowing private jet travellers to charter a flight at a reduced price. Just enter your location and where you want to fly to and our super-fast search technology finds all available options for your journey. It will list all the available empty legs at the top of the search. On average one-third of all our searches produces at least one empty leg result. Presently there are up to 1400 global empty legs available for charter on ViroFLY. Majority of our clients provide us with their preferred routes by region. Instant notifications are emailed to you when an empty leg is available..